The Goodness Maker

Experiences to Shape the Future
At the age of 22 years, Suhani had settled for a 9 to 5 job in a stock marketing company. She loved every aspect of her job. But the creativity within her was still waiting to be unleashed.
Anchoring, choreographing, and singing had always been a part of her, which she loved. On one casual occasion over a cup of coffee, Suhani’s friend offered her an opportunity to arrange some entertainment for a few women she’d invited for high tea. It was a challenge Suhani couldn’t but accept.
Pioneer in ‘Karaoke Antakshri’ in India
Suhani created a concept blending ‘Antakshari’ with ‘Karaoke’ and arranged a ‘Karaoke Antakshari’, which became a hit overnight. Soon one event followed another and Suhani’s ‘Karaoke Antakshari’ caught the fancy of the people. It continued for almost four years.
A Head Start to the World of Events
Within the same period, Suhani received her first wedding event assignment. It was a tough client who finally gave her the contract after persistently working through 45 meetings. Thus, Suhani made an entry into the glamorous world of events. Weddings became her forte.
Personalizing Perfection
The reason behind Suhani’s success as an event conceptualizer at Yellow Spider Events is that every event is equally important to her. For her, everything needs to be perfect. To look after people and manage events comes naturally to her. Today, she covers stage shows and art shows and takes care of the technical as well as the entire coordination part.
Earning a Doctorate
After 25 years of working in the event management industry, Suhani submitted her work credentials to CIAC. Her credentials matched their requirements and she received her honorary doctorate in the year 2017.
Social Service – An Integral Part
Suhani’s contributions to social causes began at a very young age. She attended meetings at the Hornbill House and listened to lectures by well-known social reformers. She devoted physical hours as well as provided monetary support.
She believes individually she can support a limited number of people, but collectively she can reach out and help a bigger number of people. She, therefore, urges more people to come up and help.
In her words, “My life has reached a supple stage where I want to use my energy to do social work and help people. To fulfil my pursuit to provide social support to people, two things are needed – money and hands. The number of people who need help is increasing every minute”.
  1. Exploring
  2. Experimenting
  3. Enjoying
Every new opportunity is a way to groom yourself
for bigger goals as well as personal growth.
  1. Exploring
  2. Experimenting
  3. Enjoying
Every new opportunity is a way to groom yourself for bigger goals as well as personal growth.